20151206_191538Multi-award winning business couple Brett and Nicole Hore have turned the traditional way of doing business on its head and successfully changed the landscape in the following arenas:
  • Telstra Retail Mobile Phone Sales
  • An Inc 500 Marketing Sales Model
  • Retail Systems and Sales – The Just Group, Autobarn, MYER, Estee Lauder, Seed Heritage Australia, 
  • Drag Racing Social & Branding Media

They also understand Drag Racing incredibly well and have built relationships in all areas of the sport over the years.

Brett has been building, racing and talking cars for over 30 years.  He has connections all throughout the industry as a former autObarn franchisee.

Nicole was a fan of the sport “way back when”, watching drag racing on TV regularly in the 80’s and 90’s.  She started going to races after meeting and marrying Brett.  She has been part of the sport as a team owner and racer’s wife since 1999.  It makes sense therefore that their passion and knowledge of the sport runs deep.

img_20160707_205804Business-wise they are sales and marketing multi-award winners (2005-2008).  Their careers have spanned automotive retail management, tourism, finance, online marketing, business development, communications, and content & social media.  Together they have managed teams of in excess of 1,000 people.

Not one’s to take themselves too seriously though, these two are happy to embrace putting themselves out there, daring to innovate and grow as they do so.

Brett – Email  |   0417 317 420   |  Facebook    |    Twitter

Team owner Brett walks and talks Drag Racing, and he combines his passion and skills in business development with his love for this spine-tingling uber-fast motorsport.  He has immersed himself in branding, promotions and sponsorship of racing, racers & events. 
Showcasing the sport of drag racing takes a lot more than just getting a few cars together, handing our flyers and hoping for a sunny day.  Meticulous planning and a thorough understanding of all factors is essential to putting together and running a successful drag racing display.”

Nicole – Email  |  Facebook |  Instagram  |  Twitter

It was Nicole’s personal social media dominance that got her noticed and head-hunted by one of Australia’s best executives in the social media community in 2014.  

She has experience in delivering social media content daily to an audience of 300,000 people across 30 streams, for a bestselling author, television host, political commentator and CEO of a 155,000-strong member-based organisation in the finance industry.  She has worked collaboratively in the past 18 months with Red Bull, Telstra, Channel 9, Tennis Australia (The Australian Open), Sydney Dragway and Brad Jones Racing (V8 Supercars).  Her desire to appeal to new generations has been highlighted by ADRP’s use of social media in a consistently unconventional way.  Involved in the sport since 1999, Nicole says “Owning a Supercharged Outlaws car and winning at both the Nitro Champs and the Winternationals in the same year gave us an insight to winning on the track.  Now we’re using our instinct, experience, connections and skills to help drag racing win in the social and PR arena by helping teams and tracks polish up their online brand.”


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